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  • Rob Houghton

Be Upfront

If I had a nickel for every candidate who loses a job because they chose not to disclose either a DUI, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, or civil/criminal offense, before the client background checking process commences, I would be a millionaire.

I had a candidate this past week tell me during the reference process that, ""oh, by the way, Rob, I do have a DUI and filed for bankruptcy two months ago"". Say what? They did not get the job...and I expect to see them as a Walmart greeter in the months to come because I doubt their duplicity will end with this bad experience.

The truth of the matter is that if candidates disclose ""bad news"" to their recruiter/hiring authority up front in the beginning of the process, we can properly manage expectations with the client and address the issue up front - when doing this, it has rarely been an issue....BUT if you wait until the end of the process, you will surely not get the job - soooooo, be honest and upfront folks!"

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